Saf-T-Flo, Retractable, Sampling, Probes  

Saf-T-Flo Retractabl Sampling Probes

Retractable Sampling Probe   Non-Retractable Sampling Probe

Retractable sampling probes can be inserted into a pressurized main up to 150 psi. A mechanical assist may be needed for pressures above 100 psi.

The operator does not have to shut down and depressurize the main before removing the sampling probe. Using caution, the operator can remove the sampling probe from the main as long as the pressure is below 150 psi.

The unit includes a 45 degree bevel tip and a sight alignment guide. Face the 45 degree bevel tip upstream for collection of the sample. After installation, the operator can view the sight alignment guide to make sure the 45 degree bevel is in the proper position.

A single stainless steel hook and chain locks the sampling probe securely to the main connection.

A stainless steel limit chain stops the sampling probe from extending past the main connection during withdrawal.

The solution tube adapter and packing nut thread together, compressing the 300 series o-ring which forms a tight seal around the outer diameter of the sampling probe.


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Model Number PDF     ePRT*   Sampling Probe Dia. Brass Ball Valve Shut Off PVC Ball Valve
SP-050 SP-050  SP-050 1/4" 1/2" Yes
SP-075 SP-075  SP-075 3/8" 3/4" Yes
SP-100 SP-100  SP-100 1/2" 1" Yes