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Retractable Injectors/Diffusers

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Retractable Injection Quill – 150 psi rated

These injection quills are for water mains where pressures do not exceed 150 psi.

Operators can remove and insert solution tubes for inspection or replacement purposes, while the main remains in service. No shutdown is required.

Extreme CAUTION should be taken when inserting or removing any retractable injector. Temporarily reducing the system pressure is recommended; it usually allows for an easier insertion or removal.

These units are available with or without a ball check valve. Some models include an integrated injection check valve.

A single stainless steel hook and chain locks the solution tube securely to the main connection. A stainless steel limit chain will stop the solution tube from extending past the main connection during withdrawal.

Solution tube adapter and packing nut thread together, compressing the 300 series o-ring against the outer diameter of the solution tube.


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Model Number PDF     ePRT*   Solution Tube Ball Valve Check Valve Quick Release Coupling
EB-120 EB-120  EB-120 1/4" 1/2" Standard n/a
EB-125 EB-125   3/8" 3/4" Standard Standard
EB-130 EB-130   3/8" 3/4" n/a n/a
EB-145 EB-145   3/8" 3/4" Standard n/a
EB-132 EB-132   1/2" 1" n/a n/a
EB-146 EB-146   1/2" 1" Standard n/a
EB-191 EB-191  EB-191 3/4" 1-1/4" Optional n/a
EB-159 EB-159   1" 1-1/2" Optional n/a
EB-160 EB-160  EB-191 1-1/2" 2" Optional n/a