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Nijhuis Water Technology

Nijhuis Water Technology aims to create a better Environment by cleaning WATER streams to the effluent quality you require for discharge to sewer or river. In our delivery program we have a complete range of wastewater solution products which can be combined to your specific solution and to meet your specific requirements for wastewater treatment.

The first step in wastewater treatment is primary treatment, removal of solids which results in reduction of pollution load in your wastewater. Depending on your effluent you might require either a screen, a flotation system or a flocculation & flotation system. If you discharge your water into a sewage system a primary treatment can be sufficient to meet the effluent requirements for treatment of water.

ULTRAPEN™ PT1 (EC)/TDS/Salinity Pen

This instrument is designed to be extremely accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Advanced features include the ability to select from 3 different solution types that model the characteristics of the most commonly encountered types of water; proprietary temperature compensation and TDS conversion algorithms; highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry; user-intuitive design; and waterproof housing. A true, one-handed instrument, the PT1 is easy to calibrate and easy to use. To take a measurement, you simply press a button then dip the pen in solution. Results display in seconds.

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Vissers Sales, Corp

All-Flo Pump Co.

All-Flo Pump Co., is a leading manufacturer of rugged, lube-free, non-stall/freeze air diaphragm pumps. Serving a variety of industries, including oil & petroleum, petrochemical, food & beverage, mining and construction, All-Flo works with a global network of distributors to ensure local availability and service.

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Micropump® utilizes a variety of positive displacement pump technologies in its wide range of precision, low-flow pumps, including external gear, micro annular gear, and multiple and single piston. Also available are high-performance centrifugal pumps in a very compact size.

Micropump® is the originator of magnetically driven gear pumps. All magnetically driven pumps eliminate the need for dynamic seals, which enables higher system pressures and minimizes risk from contamination. The internal wetted magnet inside each pump is encapsulated to protect the pumpage from magnet exposure and corrosion.

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Blacoh Fluid Control

Blacoh Fluid Control manufacturers fluid control products for all facets of municipal and industrial process industries.

Blacoh products improve pump and instrumentation performance throughout your entire process system while significantly extending system component life.


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Pulsafeeder CHEM-TECH XPV Peristaltic Metering Pump

The CHEM-TECH Series XPV Peristaltic Metering Pump combines the best in variable speed peristaltic pump technology with state of the art control electronics, providing unparalleled performance, control, and value.

The Series XPV Peristaltic Metering Pump represents the leading edge of microprocessor performance management that allows a variety of choices of input signal types, and onboard timer programs to customize this pump to any application. Of course, this pump is as rugged and reliable as its fixed speed siblings, the XPF and the XPA.

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S.A.E. Centrifugal End Suction Pumps From Berkeley

The new standard in full-performance reliability...BERKELEY® S.A.E. End Suction Pumps are suitable for any application requiring the convenience of an internal combustion engine as a power source. State-of-the-art design delivers 20,000 hours of bearing life, one of the industry's longest life cycles.

Sequence, Titan, Series, Pump, MDM

Sequence? Titan Series 

As large water features and high turnover requirements continue to gain popularity, the cost of energy does not! Introducing the Sequence® Titan Series: Imagine 12,000 GPH for less than 845 watts! THE HIGHEST EFFICIENCY PUMPS available for water garden applications – where you need them most, in high flow! With flow rates between 12,000 and 32,000 GPH and head capabilities between 21 and 180 feet, the Sequence® Titan series is sure to cover most large scale water feature requirements. Sequence® Titan. 12000SEQ21 and 18000SEQ45 available in 115V or 230V. 31500SEQ180 available only in 230/460V 3 phase.12000SEQ21 Supplied with 115V or 230V cordset. Made in the USA. Sequence® EFFICIENCY. It’s the name of the game.