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Netzsch, NEMO, Dispensers, Hand Dispensers

NEMO® Dispensers guarantee the highest level of precision in dosing and reproducibility. For this reason, NEMO® Dispensers and NEMO® Hand Dispensers are employed in a great variety of applications and industries.

Such as:

  • in vehicle manufacturing

  • in the electronics industry

  • in renewable energy resources

  • in the pharmaceutical and foods industries

  • in other adhesive and sealing industries

Features of NEMO® Dispensers and Hand Dispensers

  • very gentle conveyance

  • compact dimensions at a high number of stages

  • large cross sections of inlet

  • conveyance also of compacted products

  • conveyance of solids

NEMO® Dispensers and Hand Dispensers offer you:

  • conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed

  • high dosing precision

  • drip-free dosing

  • constant low-pulsation conveyance

  • high efficiency

  • low life cycle costs combined with easy serviceability

Everything from a single supplier

Our broad product portfolio makes it possible for us to design complete dosing systems for you. Take advantage of our many years of experience and know-how.

1 Drive Connection
Tri-Clamp (quick-change plug-in connection) for simple exchange of the pump

2 Pump Housing and End Supports
In stainless steel or aluminum depending on the application

3 Drive Shaft
With stable bearing for precise shaft rotation

4 Shaft Seal
Dual lip seal for the highest in vacuum and pressure demands

5 Rotor
In wear- and corrosion-resistant designs (solid ceramic from 3NDP08 upward)

6 Stator
In a great variety of qualities as an elastomer and solid stator for the highest possible durability and wear resistance

7 Drive Connection
Compact, bolted unit

8 Pump Housing and End Supports
Aluminum construction

9 Drive Shaft
With direct connection to the transmission, to reduce length and weight

10 Product Inlet
Swivel joint can be rotated 360? and tilted 36?

11 Handling
Stable handhold and adjustable support grip

The following NETZSCH Dispensers and Hand Dispensers are available:

NEMO® Dispensers

Dispenser Type Theoretical volume conveyed per rotation Weight not incl. transmission/motor units
4NDP02 0,05 ml 0.750 kg
4NDP04 0,3 ml 1.720 kg
3NDP06 1,0 ml 1.796 kg
3NDP08 2,0 ml 3.100 kg
3NDP10 4,0 ml 3.300 kg
2NDP15 9,0 ml 5.550 kg

NEMO® Handdispensers
Hand Dispenser Type Theoretical volume conveyed per rotation Weight not incl. transmission/motor units Weight incl. transmission/motor units
3NDP06 1,0 ml * *
3NDP08 2,0 ml * *
3NDP10 4,0 ml * *

(*) depends on the model; please ask us!

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